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Word On The Street

“St. Charles needs some more resource guides!  Do you have any for us?  I sure hope so!  Probably the 2017 Spring Edition will be coming out soon if so can we up our quantity we get because I know we are always running out.”

“This is terrific.  We have 330 homes here (actually 327).  I know that is a lot, but we will take whatever is available to us.  My newsletters go out the end of the month.  I could include a copy with each newsletter so everyone is sure to receive a copy.”

“These booklets are my right hand and the patients love them. You are helping so many people that have no resources and are in need of assistance. Please drop off another 5 boxes when the new edition comes out.”

“Thank you! I am excited for the guides. My clients will love it. It is such a valuable resource.”