Long Island’s Most Comprehensive Resource Guide for Seniors and Their Loved Ones.

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A Note From the Editor

I hope “The Senior Advocate” serves as a tool for you to find the all the services, resources, benefits and entitlements that all our seniors deserve and need to live a quality of life we all want. There are so many untapped resources and so many wonderful companies, services and people out there that truly want to assist seniors and their families. I hope that “The Senior Advocate” in some small way will bring those resources, services, products and people to you. If I have missed anything or there is anything you want to see more of please never hesitate to contact me and let me know. If you need copies of “The Senior Advocate” for any reason just contact me and I will make sure you get enough for the seniors you serve, for any event you are having, a community you belong to or any club you may be in. This guide is yours, not mine and I hope you use it to find the things that make your life and the lives of those you love happier, healthier and safer!

Tracey Kuczinski
Editor in Chief
(631) 766-6297

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Word On The Street

“St. Charles needs some more resource guides!  Do you have any for us?  I sure hope so!  Probably the 2017 Spring Edition will be coming out soon if so can we up our quantity we get because I know we are always running out.”

“Thank you! I am excited for the guides. My clients will love it. It is such a valuable resource.”